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Ontario Parks Pass program

Check out nature with your library card!


About the Ontario Parks Pass program

Ready to explore Ontario Parks? Borrow a free day-use pass with your library card and plan your next outdoor adventure.

The Ontario Parks Pass is a borrowable vehicle permit that provides day-use access to over 100 provincial parks for all occupants in your vehicle.

How to borrow an Ontario Parks Pass

How do I borrow an Ontario Parks Pass using my library card?

With a valid library card, you can borrow an Ontario Parks Pass and check it out for up to one week. Borrowed passes must be returned promptly. 

What does the Ontario Parks Pass cover?

The pass covers the cost of park admission, is valid for day use only, and does not cover overnight stays or the costs of renting equipment.

I have borrowed an Ontario Parks Pass. What do I do now?

Visit the Ontario Parks Pass blog to learn more about all the exciting ways to use your pass, and to understand all of the borrowing conditions at the parks. We recommend that you plan ahead. Park capacity limits still apply and parks close when they are full.

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