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Physical Activity Equipment Lending Program

Stay active with your library card!

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The Library currently offers the following Physical Activity Equipment available to borrow:

  • Snowshoes (adult & youth sizes available) Winter only

  • Pickle Ball sets 

  • Walking Pole sets 

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How to borrow Physical Activity (PA) Equipment

How do I borrow PA Equipment using my library card?

With a valid library card, you can borrow PA equipment and check it out for up to one week. Borrowed equipment must be returned promptly. There are forms to fill out when borrowing and returning the equipment, please allow for a few extra minutes when visiting. 

What equipment can I borrow?

Here is a detailed list of equipment currently available to borrow. Please note that some equipment is only available seasonally and is available on a first come first serve basis. Click on each category to see current availability in our online catalog. 

8 - Adult pairs (250lbs. max.)

2 - Youth (Medium) pairs (160lbs. max.)

4 - Youth (Small) pairs (150lbs. max.)

10 - Walking Pole Sets (incl. carrying bag and Summer & Winter tips)

5 - Pickle Ball Sets (incl. carrying bag, 2x paddles & 4x balls)

What can I do with the equipment I have borrowed?

From exploring local or faraway places to enjoying your own backyard, your options are endless! Take a look at the links below to find exciting ways to make the most of your equipment.

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