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Office Services

Printing & Photocopies

-Black and white copies: $0.20/page

-Colour copies: $0.50/page

-Menu size - colour copies: $1.00/page


*Please note that double-sided printing and copying will be charged as two pages.


Sending or receiving: $2.00/fax

If you wish to have a fax sent to the library, please call to advise the staff of this. 


You may use the library's scanner to save and email files free of charge. Please refer to Printing & Photocopies above if you wish to print your files.


-Business card size: $1.00/item

-Letter size: $2.00/item

-Legal size: $2.50/item

-Menu/poster size: $3.00/item

*Please note that the library will not be held responsible for any damage occurred during lamination. Library staff take the liberty of refusing lamination if the documents is deemed too valuable.

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