West Nipissing Public Library

From memberships to meeting rooms, learn more about the different services provided by the West Nipissing Public Library.

Joining the library, seasonal memberships, and more!

Loan periods and fines. Renewals. Reservations. Return procedures.

Lost items.

Public computer and Internet access. Wi-Fi. Internet Services Policy.

Borrow books from libraries across Ontario and Canada!

Rent meeting space for your community group.

Library board & meetings. Library policies.

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Online databases. Local history. OverDrive & Cantook Station (French eBooks). Research help. Useful links.

Printing, photocopying, and other office services.

Book and film recommendations. Information access assistance.

Books-on-Wheels service. CELA. Accessible and non-print materials.

School and group visits. Educational resources. Community information. 

Local Talent

Find talent of all kinds by people in your community!

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